Desert Tortoise Critical Habitat


Desert Tortoise Status and Critical Habitat

Map of desert tortoise critical habitat

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service designated habitat critical to the survival and recovery of the Mojave populations of the desert tortoise in 1994.  Critical Habitat Units (yellow) were designated in California, Nevada, Utah and in Arizona north and west of the Grand Canyon. The blue area in the west is the Desert Tortoise Natural Area and blue area in the south is Joshua Tree National Park.

Federal Legal Status

1980 USFWS lists the Beaver Dam Slope population in Utah as threatened; designates 35 square miles of Critical Habitat
1989 Emergency listing
April 2, 1990 USFWS issue "final rule" listing the Mojave population of the desert tortoise (tortoises north and west of the Colorado River) as threatened.
February 8, 1994 USFWS designates 6.4 million acres of Critical Habitat in California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.
1994 USFWS publishes Desert Tortoise (Mojave Population) Recovery Plan