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Chelonian Archives — scientific names

Archived articles on the captive husbandry, conservation and biology of specific species of turtle and tortoise from California Turtle and Tortoise Club publications and other sources. All articles copyright © CTTC unless otherwise noted. The list is available alphabetized by scientific or by common name.

Apalone – Cistoclemmys

Agrionemys (= Testudo) horsfieldii, Russian or Steppe tortoise

Chelonia mydas, Green turtle

Emydoidea – Geochelone

Geochelone carbonaria, Red-footed tortoise

Geochelone (=Chelonoides) nigra, Galápagos tortoise

Geochelone (=Centrochelys) sulcata, African spurred tortoise

Glyptemys – Manouria

Glytpemys (=Clemmys) muhlenbergii, Bog turtle

Gopherus agassizii, Agassiz's, or Mojave desert tortoise

Gopherus berlandieri, Texas tortoise

Gopherus evgoodei, Goode's thornscrub tortoise

  • The Sinaloan Desert Tortoise

Gopherus morafkai, Morafka's, or Sonoran desert tortoise

  • The Sonoran Desert Tortoise

Gopherus polyphemus, Gopher tortoise

Malacochersus tornieri, Pancake tortoise

Manouria emys, Asian brown tortoise