Stanfield Heating Pads and the Exotic Tortoise Keeper

by Brad Morris


On all of my controlled environment applications, i.e. in indoor set-ups, I use rheostats such as the Osborne's F911, that are continuously monitored with voltmeters. If I have a number of pads in like-kind enclosures that require heat settings, I use a remote probe thermosensor and set the temperature where I want it. Then I read the voltmeter and set the other pads accordingly. Otherwise, rheostats are much too user dependent and can lead to too low or dangerously too high pad temperatures (as can using any type of bedding material over the pads). The pads still have to be adjusted as the background air temperature changes. If you are skimping and using a rheostat in an uncontrolled environment, an uncompensated for rise in air temperature such as a suddenly warm day can be a recipe for debacle.