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Tortuga Gazette 52(1) | January/February 2016

New Species of Galapagos Tortoise Identified!
The two Santa Cruz tortoises are now recognized as separate - the Western Santa Cruz tortoise Chelonoidis porteri and the Eastern Santa Cruz tortoise C. donfaustoi.

Direct link to the paper in PlosOne.

Search for Extinct Galapagos Tortoises Underway
Scientists are on Isabella Island hunting for giant tortoises carrying genes of the extinct Pinta and Floreana tortoises!

Painted Batagurs at Chester Zoo
The zoo hopes to form a painted batagur assurance colony with the arrival of four specimens from Sumatra.

Canadian Western Painted Turtles Get New Beach
The train debris cleanup at Burnaby, British Columbia, seems to have gone at a tortoise pace but hopefully the restored nesting beach will allow western painted turtles to thrive and recover.

Albino Hermann’s Tortoise Hatchling
This leucistic/amelanistic tortoise hatched 16 September, 2015. Aw!

And Albino Green Sea Turtle Hatchlings
Cover of latest issue of African Sea Turtle Newsletter features albino green sea turtle hatchlings.

Green Sea Turtle Captured on Video in the San Joaquin River!
An angler fishing for bass shot this amazing video of an East Pacific green sea turtle swimming in the San Joaquin River.

Marine Turtles in Western Australia
Western Australia Department of Parks and Wildlife provides lots of information on the state’s sea turtles.

New Fossil Turtle From Utah
The bizarre, 2 foot long pig-snouted turtle Arvinachelys goldeni inhabited southern Utah rivers some 76 million years ago.

Turtle Shell Evolution Podcast
Dr. Gaberiel Bever explains turtle shell evolution in two and a half minutes.

Tortuga Gazette 52(2) | March/April 2016

Lonesome George Relatives Captured Online
Photographs of hybrid saddle-backed tortoises recovered from Isla Isabela.

Micro-Culverts Installed For Japanese Turtles
Evidently, red-eared sliders ride trains in Japan.

Headphone Removed From Pet Turtle’s Stomach
Brief report features a picture of the turtle strapped in a CAT scanner at UC Davis.

Hanoi’s Yangtze Giant Soft-shell Turtle Died
With the death of famed Cu Rua, only 3 Yangtze giant soft-shell turtles are known to survive.

New Jairo Mora Murder Trial Underway
New trial of 3 men charged with murdering turtle conservationist Jairo Mora began January 25, 2016.

Nuclear Fallout Used to Probe Hawaii’s Hawksbills
Researchers used bomb radiocarbon to estimate the birth dates, growth rates and age of reproductive maturity of critically endangered hawksbill sea turtles.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Rides El Nino to San Francisco
An endangered olive ridley sea turtle was spotted in the last week of December off Point Reyes!

Biology of the Reptilia Online
The complete set of Biology of the Reptilia is now available online.

Xiaochelys ningchengensis
New species of extinct turtle named, based on a fossil from Inner Mongolia.

Zoo Opens Turtle Lab
Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero has a new turtle conservation lab.

Tortuga Gazette 52(3) | May/June 2016

Four Convicted of Jairo Mora Murder
A Costa Rica appeals court convicted four poachers in the murder of sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora Sandoval.

Green Lights Reduce Sea Turtle Deaths
Adding green lights to drift nets reduces incidental sea turtle deaths.

Localizing Tortoise Nests by Neural Networks
Scientists use accelerometers (the gizmos in cell phones that tell your screen which way is up or how many steps you’ve walked) to detect when tortoises are nesting!

Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoises Move Train Route
The route for a new high-speed train route is being re-thought since the proposed route would have gone through one of Spain’s three remaining Spur-thighed tortoise reserves.

Saddleback Sex
Scientist are studying the complex social life of Galapagos saddleback tortoises.

Ancient Pets
Like well-kept humans, well-kept tortoises live long lives. Take care of yours.

Ancient Man Ate Tortoises
Half a million years ago, humans (or proto-humans) ate tortoises.

Cloning Cu Rua
Rumors that Cu Rua, the recently deceased Yangtze giant soft-shell turtle, is being cloned.